Unread Shelves

This time last year I decided to really make an effort to read through the unread books on my shelves. It’s something I’ve tried to do for years but without tracking how it was going I had no idea how I did – not very well though I think! I have kept a record of my reading for a long time so tracking the unread books was just a small extra step.

I have been very pleased with my progress – I started the year with a hundred books on my shelves I hadn’t read (I did not include the books I wanted to read but which I had bought to sell – that was just too complicated!). I actually read 95 books I owned and had not previously read but as I also somehow managed to acquire 70 new ones I ended the year with 64 still to read. The discrepancy is because there were a few books I decided I was never going to read and so I got rid of them.

I was still very pleased with that result though – until it was time to draw the new books to track this year’s unread shelves. I found 19 books I hadn’t accounted for which did feel a bit of a failure – although I do still have 17 fewer unread books than this time last year which is definitely a win.

Interestingly, in total I read 182 books last year – more than I have ever recorded before. Obviously the lockdown helped – and the high numbers of audiobooks and children’s books didn’t hurt either!

The new year has given me a lot of thinking time as I analyse my reading. My stationery business has been taking up more and more of my time and as I only have limited free time I have reluctantly made the decision that it is time to stop writing this blog. I will still be posting on my Instagram account and my books feature pretty heavily on my stationery account too.

I have loved sharing my bookish adventures over the past few years. Thank you for reading.

4 thoughts on “Unread Shelves

  1. Hello Eleanor, thank you for writing your blogs, I have always enjoyed reading of your adventures in the world of books. Maybe we’ll meet again one day at a North Devon book fair, or a historic house visit! Best wishes from Joss (This Way Books)

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