Cosy Reading

Now that the evenings are most definitely dark all I want to do is hibernate. By which I mean light the fire, light the candles and curl up with hot chocolate and a book. Or sometimes a nice cosy film.

Of course, that isn’t actually an option but I do manage to get a good number of cosy evenings which most definitely help. I have brought my copy of Imagining Anne – the book of L M Montgomery’s scrapbooks from Prince Edward Island – back down to the living room and am devouring it by candlelight as it should be read.

It just wasn’t getting read upstairs (it’s a bit big for bedtime reading!) and that was making me very sad as it is a gorgeous book which I really did want to read. The pages from the scrapbooks are beautiful and absorbing and I lose myself in them.

The lesson for this week is clearly not to take coffee table type books away from coffee tables!

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