Comfort Reading

At the moment, reading is a very important escape for many of us. For me, that takes the form of comfort reading. I do not want to be reading books which make me miserable and if that means I spend a few weeks or months reading only children’s books then I am okay with that. In actual fact though, there will probably be at least some cosy crime books consumed, if not some nice middlebrow fiction (my Mum is currently reading the Mrs Tim books by D E Stevenson and making me want to read them again).

I am just getting to the end of The Cricket Term by Antonia Forest. I borrowed the first book in the series from the library many years ago and loved it but have only come across one of the intervening books in the meantime. I love this series but I do need to find the rest of the books – and probably the first one again – as there are a lot of passing references to events about which I know nothing!


I very rarely make myself a set reading list but I have gathered together a few books which I think will be good for me at the moment. I am about to read Daddy-Long-Legs for the umpteenth time and will probably finally read my lovely, hardback, unabridged copy of The School at the Chalet. I am yet to read Catherine Aird’s latest book – Inherintance Tracks – and now may be the time when I actually get around to reading some books I have seen recommended many times – including The Penderwicks and All-of-a-Kind Family.


I am also just getting to the end of listening to Pride and Prejudice and have already decided that I will go back and re-listen to the Needlecraft Mysteries series by Monica Ferris. I listened to almost the entire nineteen book series (my library doesn’t have the last one yet) within a few months last year and they are exactly the kind of cosy mystery which I know will be comforting right now.

What is your go-to comfort read? I would love to have some more recommendations!

8 thoughts on “Comfort Reading

  1. Looks like you have a nice list there. 🙂
    I managed to take out ten books from the library before it closed. Could have taken up to 30 apparently!
    Do you have BBC I player? Enid Blytons Mallory Towers is on there. I remember reading about Darrel and co many moons ago and the TV adaptation looks lovely. Watched the first episode. Xx

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    • 30! That was my dream as a child. I was allowed eight then which never seemed enough. Well done though – I missed my library closing. Not that I don’t have a ton of books to read at home!

      Yes I do have iPlayer and I am both very excited and a bit scared about the Malory Towers adaptation as I loved the books so much. How did you find the first episode?


    • I fully intended to list LMM Montgomery – I am seriously considering a complete re-read of the Anne books and maybe some of the others too. It has been too long since I read them and now seems like a good time! I love ‘Little Women’ too. I hope all is well with you.


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