Rivers of London

For years my friend has been telling me how much she loves Ben Aaronovitch’s Rivers of London series.  Every time she mentioned it I would nod and say I must try it (she did make it sound brilliant) but my TBR is huge and somehow it never made it to the top.

Then a couple of months ago my book club chose to read the first book.  I was finally able to say I had taken the advice and read it – and also that I now understood all the fuss because I enjoyed it so much.  Having taken at least five years to start the series, I have read the first three books over the past two months and I will shortly be starting the fourth.


This is actually the second book in the series

The series is a great mix of detective story and magic with a few ghosts and myths thrown in.  I have been loving reading them.


It just shows that you should always listen to your friends  – they do know you after all!

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