L M Montgomery’s Journals

For the past few years I have been working my way through L M Montgomery’s journals. I have been a fan of her fiction for such a long time and I couldn’t resist her journals when I found them.


So far I have read the first three volumes of the selected journals, plus the first volume of the complete journals – it has more pictures as well as all the diary entries and I just had to read it.

The writing is just beautiful and I have many, many quotes marked.  It is just the sort of book I love to carry around with me to dip into whenever I get a chance.


Montgomery led a fascinating, if rather difficult life, and it has been wonderful to learn more about it.  My dilemma now is what to read next – I have volume four of the selected journals but also the third volume of the complete version (I have so far not managed to get hold of the second).  I can’t quite decide whether to go on or to go back and reread the years I have already covered but with extra diary entries.

Really I know I’ll go back to read the complete version at some point anyway – so it might as well be now!

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