In Praise and Celebration of Book Clubs

For many years I wanted to join a book club.  The idea of meeting a lot of like minded people to talk about books was wonderful but I was hampered by two things.  Firstly, there weren’t any near me and secondly I was hesitant about committing myself to reading books I didn’t like.  Not that I expected to hate them all – I just knew there would be some I didn’t.

However, when there was an opportunity to set one up at work I jumped at the chance.  I am so glad I did!  Yes, there have been books I really did not like but there have been others that I loved – even some that I would not have picked up if left to myself.

I have also genuinely enjoyed the discussions and it is great to be able to have them with a group of people who love books just as much as me.  Besides, I’ve learnt that if I really hate a book I don’t have to finish it.  That makes an interesting discussion too.


Side note: this is neither a book I hated, nor one I didn’t want to read. I suggested the group read it for our meeting next week and I am gripped by it. Hopefully they have been enjoying it too!

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