Brilliant Book Festival

As I mentioned in my last post, last week was the Appledore Book Festival.  Not only was I at the book fair, I was also working at the festival itself which meant that I got to spend an entire week by the sea talking to people about books.  It was wonderful.


Added to that, I also got to meet many authors which is always fun.  It was particularly lovely to meet Tim Waterstone – who was one of only a very small handful of authors to come across and introduce himself to me.  I was utterly charmed and of course I bought his book.

Another highlight was the event for Hazel Prior and her book Ellie and the Harp Maker.  It was held in a little café and as well as talking about harps and writing she read some passages from the book interspersed with harp music.  It was a delightful event – not least because she got the entire audience singing a song about how books are cool.

Books, books, books

Books are cool!


I also ate a lot of cake.  This was peanut butter and jelly cake and it was amazing!

I had a wonderful week.  It was hard work – almost twice as many hours as normal – and I am now exhausted but Appledore is always one of my favourite weeks of the year and I wouldn’t have missed it for anything.

Book Fair Fun

On Sunday I had a stand at a book fair as part of the Appledore Book Festival.  The day started off with pouring rain and I thought we were in for a very slow day.  However, by the time we opened the sun was shining and everything was beautiful.

I ended up having a great day.  Obviously selling books is good but more than that I had some wonderful bookish conversations which meant that I would have enjoyed myself if I hadn’t sold anything.

I had such a lovely day.  Yes it was hard work but it was so good to have the opportunity to talk about books with so many people who love them.

Cheltenham Literature Festival 2018

I am just back from my first ever visit to the Cheltenham Literature Festival where I had the best time.  The whole festival village was amazing and there were three separate festival bookshops – one of them dedicated to children’s books.  I was in heaven.


I was there for a long weekend and in that time managed to fit in ten events.  It was wonderful to find so many fascinating talks – Sarah Dunant’s on the Borgias was especially interesting (and entertaining, as all the best talks should be).

My favourite events were on the Saturday afternoon.  Two talks about children’s books which were brilliant and after which I got to meet Anna James – author of Tilly and the Book Wanderers and Jessica Townsend – author of Nevermoor.  They were both lovely people (and their books are wonderful too – go and read them!).

To round off the evening we went along to the lit crawl to take part in the quiz.  It had a classics theme which I obviously loved and we managed to come third which made me very proud, especially as we were the smallest team there.  We received some fabulous prizes too, including two books – Frankenstein and La Belle Sauvage – and four tickets to festival events.  I practically danced my way back to the hotel!

One of the best things about any festival is the amount of reading time.  There were plenty of lovely places to sit and my favourite was the Book Stand – a cosy sitting room set up on the band stand.  I spent some very happy hours there with my book and a cup of tea.


It was a brilliant weekend and I would definitely love to visit again.

Book Festival Fun

We are currently in the middle of one of my favourite weeks of the year – Appledore Book Festival.

I love book festivals anyway but there is something about Appledore which makes me extra happy – perhaps it is the sea or the fact that the sun always seems to be shining!

I always have a stall at the book fair, this year on the first Sunday of the festival. It is always nice to share my books with so many book lovers and I had a great time.

Bookseller’s view of a book fair

I also spend a few days working at the festival which is another joy. I get to meet so many fascinating people and, again, talk to loads of other book lovers.

Perhaps best of all though is the reading time – it doesn’t get much better than this!